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I studied music with Fu Yuan Soong and Walter Hilse who taught
me to make music that is entertaining as well as artful.  I’ve
composed five full length operas and a musical,   of which five
have already been performed in New York and New England
Faustus, an updating of the tale to the current age based on
Goethe and Marlowe;
Azazel, about a Jesus-like rebel;  Ulysses,
based on the novel of James Joyce;
Grace, the first full-length
opera about AIDS based on the play by Edward Langlois and
John Carmichael; and
Onions, a musical for kids (performed at
the Prescott Park Arts Festival).
I have also released the first full-
length opera to premiere on the Internet:
The Devil and
George Bush
, followed by The Trial of George Bush.

These received some good reviews when the critics and the
stars were in alignment (“
gorgeous and rewarding”,”his music
mirrors the profundity of Joyce’s words
”, "Hilarious", "
that, in the words of Beethoven, 'goes from heart to heart.' "

I have a large repertoire of chamber works which reflect my
reaction to
life, love and the hazards of our precarious times.  
This part of my work is dubbed The
Nightmare of Reason opus
and includes my recently-completed piano trio:
Salvation Blues
wherein we are rescued by Obama only to succumb to
disillusionment about his abilities to make things right

I have won the
Masterworks of the New Era award twice and
available recordings on the MMC and ERM labels and am
composer in residence for South Church, a Unitarian-Universalist

I currently live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with my wife,
Marilyn, and cats, Marshmallow and Huckleberry.