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Essex Chamber Music Players
"In an era when many composers paradoxically seek to maintain a sizeable
distance and artistic isolation between themselves and the society they
ultimately desire to engage, award-winning composer Roger Rudenstein is a
clear and vibrant exception to that rule. As the composer of the first full-length
opera about AIDS,
GRACE, Rudenstein is no stranger to tackling the most
controversial topics and fanning the flames of social awareness through his
art. His first MMC full-length, STATE OF THE UNION (MMC2161), takes this
approach to the extreme."   Statement by MMC Recordings
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Hear excerpts from State
of the Union
Read a review of my "State of the Union" CD by JWR Reviews.  It
begins with: "About the only demonstrable good to come out of
George W. Bush’s war on terror is Roger Rudenstein’s discreet,
heartfelt condemnation of “above all else, let there be oil"

Fanfare says:  "Repetition, augmentation and diminution of time
values, and manipulation of dynamics are combined masterfully to
produce music that, in the words of Beethoven, 'goes from heart to
heart.' "

Symphony No. 2 and We Do Not
Torture, a musical fairy tale

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Piano Trio No. 8 audio (listen and download)